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Saturday, September 17


Fruit pizza is a sweet healthy and a very good dessert for your family to enjoy.

The ingredients

8 ounces of soft cream cheese

1 cup of confectioners’ sugar

1 large peach

1 large green apple

1 large orange

½ pint of fresh strawberries

6 ounces of fresh blueberries

6 ounces of fresh raspberries

½ cup white chocolate chip

½ cup chocolate syrup

1 package of store sugar cookie dough

(You can substitute any fruit that you would like depending on what is in season and what you prefer)


First preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Flatten your cookie dough onto a ½ ft pizza pan, then bake firm, which should take 11-15 minutes. After that, you need to let the dough cool in a medium bowl, then blend cream cheese and sugar. Next, spread the cream cheese and sugar mixture onto the baked dough, then decorate it with fruit. Now take the melted white chocolate chips and chocolate syrup and mix them in a small bowl. Then last of all, take the leftover berries and the chocolate mixture to top the pizza with.