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TN Nursery Has A Large Variety of Wild Type Edible Fruit, Berry, and Nut Plants

At Tn Nursery, we believe that the more plants for sale, the better. That's why there's at least one plant per each significant plant group to choose from.

We have all the trees and plants you're looking for to make your garden ideal! Searching our database is quick and easy with filters that help you narrow down your options according to region, height, blooming time, etc.

Whether you're looking for a fruit tree, berry plants, or acorns…we've got what you need! Find the perfect plant or tree right now by searching our database!

Don't wait too long! Visit our website now to start searching for the perfect plant or tree.

We have wild-type blueberry plants for sale!

Wild-type blueberries are beautiful and hardy plants that grow well in different geographies and taste great. The blueberry is the best fruit to give someone on a first date.

Tn Nursery is your source for blueberry plants and your number one choice for an experienced nursery with high-quality plants.

 Stop by the nursery today and pick up your wild-type blueberries!

Want Fresh Pecans To Eat? We Got Them!

Tn Nursery presents you with a new way to buy your next Pecan Tree. Browse what we have, check out securely online, and get pecan trees shipped to your door fast.

TN Nursery is a family-owned, family-operated Pecan Tree nursery in Southern Tennessee. We grow and sell pecan trees, other nut trees, and fruit trees.


Acorns On Sale at Tn Nursery

Buy your very own acorns from Tn Nursery today!

You may wonder why you want to plant an oak tree in your backyard. Why not consider that an oak tree can provide shade and shelter for you on a hot summer day? In addition, the leaves of an oak tree are highly nutritious to animals like deer. Lastly, they can produce their acorns after living a whole life, which could provide a food source for many years to come!

Do you have room in your backyard or garden? Don't miss this opportunity to have your very own oak tree grown from one of our freshly harvested acorns.

Visit our website right away and purchase some freshly harvested acorns today!

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