Forsythia Shrub

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Forsythia Shrub

Forsythia Shrub is a hardy, deciduous shrub, which displays beautiful, bright yellow color every spring. Forsythia is an excellent choice for those in more southern areas. Forsythia features many long, woody branches, which make for a more artistic and rambling bush than more staid examples such as boxwood or privet. However, forsythia bushes are just as effective as a lush privacy shrub.  This is a beautiful variety of shrub to plant in gardens, natural areas and also on lawns. They grow around two feet each year and is great to supply lots of gorgeous color to all areas where it grows.  They like to be grown in full sun but can also withstand partially shaded areas.  They love to be in moist and well-drained soils. These are a great choice for homeowners and landscapers as they are very easy to grow and care for.  They can also be trimmed and kept neat looking and also kept to the desired height that a homeowner would like.  They are amazing and adds a gorgeous look as they are in bloom during the summer.  It is covered with small tiny yellow flowers in the spring and early summer.  These shrubs also bring color in the fall as the leaves change to a yellow in color and then to a burgundy as the season's change.The forsythia is a flowering shrub that blooms vibrant yellow in early spring. It's one of spring's first bloomers.

Forsythia Shrub works is a super hardy shrub and can tolerate many types of soils and drought. The shrub is native to Asia and southeastern Europe. It also grows well in most parts of North America. They grow best in soil with a medium moisture level but can handle dry soils as well. This shrub thrives in sunlight and can do well with shade for part of the day. This plant is part of the olive family and there are eleven different species of the forsythia. The forsythia grows yellow flower when it is in full bloom. The yellow flowers are found at the edge of the leaves. The petals of the flowers look like four little points that are gained at the center. These flower attract birds and butterflies. This shrub is used in landscaping and as boarders to a garden. This shrub can also be used to help slow down the process of erosion on slopes and hills. The forsythia bush is naturally wild looking with its leaves and branches shooting out in all directions.

Many people allow the Forsythia Shrub to maintain this look but it can be easily trimmed. When the shrub is pruned it can not only look nice it will benefit the shrub if the old leaves are removed after flowering. If a person does choose to prune the shrub it does not have to be done often. Pruning one to two times a year is enough to keep this flowering shrub looking great. A person can chose not to prune and allow the plant to grow in its wild glory. In addition to making the landscape of a home look nice and giving a yard a nice border the forsythia’s leaves can be used to make arrangements in the winter. Wreaths can be made from the branches of this shrub and they can also be used in a number of decorative pieces. While this shrub does not require a high level of maintenance it's a beauty when in bloom.

Most climates will provide enough moisture for Forsythia Shrub and the correct amount of sunlight. This shrub is at its prime in the early springtime. This is one of the first shrubs to bloom in the spring and flower. Even with minor upkeep issues the forsythia is worth the work. This shrub is tolerant to deer’s and a person does not have to worry about a deer eating the flowers. The yellow flowers of this shrub add a great touch to any yard. With its low level of upkeep and natural wild look this is a great addition to any landscaping project.




Forsythia Shrub

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