Forsythia For Zone 5

Where To Plant Bushes and Shrubs

A property owner can plan bushes and shrubs just about anywhere, but this doesn’t mean that the landscape or garden will look aesthetically pleasing. It certainly doesn't expect that the plants will thrive in the area where they’re put. A gardener needs to know what sort of plant will do well in the type of soil his or her property has. Some kind of light exposure the plant will receive in its site is also essential. Also crucial is the hardiness zone that the property is in. Plants that are planted outside of their hardiness zone tend to struggle. It’s simply heartbreaking for a gardener to spend money on a bush or a shrub only to have it die because it was planted in the wrong place.

But even if the plant is right for the gardener’s area, it should be planted in a way that will contribute to the beauty and harmony of the garden or landscape.

Bushes are excellent for hedges. They make excellent hedges because many types of bushes respond well to being clipped and pruned. These include plants like laurel, taxes, holly, privet, and box. The one mistake that some gardeners make is to plant them close together when they’re young to make a quick screen. This will lead them to crowd each other out and weaker plants dying. For a good hedge, the gardener should plant at the recommended distances and be patient.

Other plants can be placed around the house as foundation plants. The gardener should be mindful of how large the plants will get and make sure that they’re planted well away from the house.

Another use of shrubs and bushes are as borders or to give an otherwise empty and boring space in the garden some character. The plants should be chosen for qualities like color, mass, shape, texture, what kind of flowers or fruit they produce, whether they have a pleasing scent and if they’re capable of being interesting throughout the year. The forsythia, for example, is notorious for its brilliantly yellow flowers in early spring while the burning bush has fiery red foliage in the fall. Planting these bushes and shrubs with other interesting plants will guarantee that the landscape is a year-round source of beauty.