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Blue Flag Iris has a lot of uses. This plant can be used to cleanse the blood of contaminants and can also as well be used to treat certain skin disorders. When it is created into a paste, it also helps bruises disappear and heal small wounds. This plant is also used in oils and capsules to combat certain sexually transmitted diseases. Blue Flag Iris will be beautiful when added to water gardens. Blue Flag Iris will usually do well in moist soil conditions. This flower will be attractive as it gives a gorgeous purple bloom. They also look well in a vase with other cut fresh flowers to create a beautiful arrangement for indoors. These flowers are beautiful when there are a bunch of them planted together, and they all bloom. They provide lots of color to all gardens and also bring in butterflies and bees to the location. They are great because they are very easy to grow, and they come back every year. These flowers produce bulbs and grow back thick each year. They can also be separated once they died out and planted in other locations throughout a lawn or garden. Once they stop blooming, they can be cut back, so they are ready to grow the next year. These supply a beautiful shade of bluish purple when they are in bloom. They can be seen growing wild around bodies of water where the soils are just right for them, and they can also be found growing in meadows. This flower usually blooms during the spring months of the year. These are a great way to brighten up all gardens and also works great as a bordering flower for sidewalks and driveways.

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