Flowering Tree Grab Bag - 5 Trees 3 Feet Tall - Selected Perfectly For Your Zone

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Flowering Tree Package - 5 Trees 3 Feet Tall - Selected to grow exceptionally well in your zone.

Spring's queen is the beautiful flowering dogwood trees. So distinctive in its appearance that the states of North Carolina, Virginia, and Missouri have given the Dogwood state status. It flowers in white, red, and pink that are show-stoppers in any lawn setting. The tree rarely grows over 15-20 feet at maturity and can be used to sit under for shade.

The hardy hardwood tree grows quickly in partial sunlight, even if the soil is clay or sandy as long as the earth is slightly acidic. They do like a moist ground, so mulching about 3" deep is a good idea to keep the young trees happy. This will also discourage any weeds and grasses from taking food away from the tree. You can find dogwoods thriving in most areas of the country except arid, dry climates found in desert areas. You can find them in wooded or forest areas.

Dogwood trees also provide a show of leaf color in the fall. The birds love to eat the berries that late fall brings. The bark and berries have been used by Native Americans for easing cold and flu symptoms, as well as the wood for making arrows and darts. History suggests, originally they made have been called the "dagwood tree".

Flowering Tree Package is a great package to choose and comes with five trees that are already three feet tall and ready to be put on the ground wherever you desire! Some significant benefits of flowering trees are that they bring lots of color during different seasons of the year, and many of them work well for bordering your landscape to create a semi-private fence. Dogwoods are among the most common and come in a variety of colors from pink and white to darker shades like reds. Crepe Myrtles are also great and have gorgeous trunks and branches.

white-flowering-dogwood-tree.jpgWhite Flowering Dogwood Tree

pink-flowering-dogwood-tree.jpgPink Flowering Dogwood Tree

redbud-tree.jpgRedbud Tree

tree-of-heaven.jpgTree of Heaven