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Floral Arrangements

Floral Arrangements

Posted by Tammy Sons on Sep 29 , 2014

Working with flowers is a lot of fun. There are items that can be purchased and used in arrangements that will make it pop and be beautiful. 

Buy them from a florist or even a large grocery or chain store. Sometimes these flowers are not very expensive when they are bought from a grocery store. Buying from a florist the flowers may be a little bit more expensive. 

Mix colors when deciding on an idea for an arrangement. Also, make sure that the flowers and colors go with the occasion they are being created.

A wedding arrangement should include lots of white and beige and even the color that is highlighted in the wedding. These arrangements can be made all different sizes and will look spectacular when placed around the reception or a church to use to decorate for the wedding. Make arrangements just because.

No need for a happening, and they can bring happiness to someone that needs a pick me up. These arrangements can be made of all different types of flowers and also all different colors. In the springtime and summer months, brightly colored flowers will be welcome and will make a room lovely with brilliant color. During the fall months, the colors orange, red and yellow will make a beautiful arrangement for a table and can also be used on a fireplace mantle to bring it to life. During December red and white will be lovely to display the colors of Christmas in a home. Also adding some beautiful small pine limbs to an arrangement during Christmas will even give the arrangement a lovely look and smell. Always choose a vase or container that will work great with the flowers that are chosen and will also allow the flowers to have room to breathe. Don’t pack them too closely in a vase so that there will be enough room to get water to them so they will stay pretty for days.

Virginia Bluebells are gorgeous perennials.

Source of Information on Making Floral Arrangements