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Fire Pink Plant

Fire pink plant is native to Eastern North America. Fire Pink is often located in rocky places and bushy areas. The fire pink plant needs soil that is very adequately drained and enjoys the part shade, and the plant can grow over a foot tall and in width. This is a plant that blooms in the Springtime. The flowers on this plant are a gorgeously bright orange color with very pointy petals. This is a beautiful star-shaped plant. They grow well in zones 4-8 and would look lovely paired with blues and yellows because of the complementary colors! In the center of the flower is a cylindrical opening from which the red vibrant and straight bright petals extend from. This flower is a perennial that lives for only a few years. The fire Pink Plant is a beautiful accent flower for rock gardens. Sticky hairs extend from the bottom of the petals that are meant to be able to trap insects that are unlucky enough to have landed on the wrong flower that day. Another name for this flower is "catchfly" because of that very reason. The fire pink plant has a taproot. Towards the winter time the leaves begin to have a reddish hue about them, but before that they are green. This plant also prefers acidic soils. An amazing benefit that it has is that it attracts butterflies, birds, and hummingbirds. Fire Pink is a very vibrant plat that will look great when paired with the other aspects of your garden! The stem of the fire pink plant is fragile, so when handling this plant, it's best to be very gentle so as not to damage the beautiful flower part!

Climate Zone: 4-8
Mature Height: 1.5 ft
Mature Width: 1.5 ft
Sunlight: Part Shade
Soil Conditions: average soil
Botanical Name: Silene virginica
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"Fire pink (Silene virginica)." GNPS. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 May 2017.

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