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Find My Zone makes gardening a little more simple from Tn Nursery

Planning and planting a garden need not be a Herculean task. In fact, it may prove to be one of the simplest pleasures you'll ever experience. Here are a few tips to maintain it simple and streamlined.  

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While many plants may tolerate a growing zone that is radically different from their native environs, they'll need more pampering to protect them in an unfamiliar climate with unfamiliar pests. A tiny bit of research can save you money and effort--grow plants that thrive in your environment. 

Find My Zone is essential for growing plants in the right places

It can also be a cinch to find indigenous plants and cultivars that are especially acclimated to your regional climate--these will be hardier, healthier, and bounce back more easily if you get unseasonable rains, droughts early frosts. 

Start Small and Simple: Find My Zone

Keep your plots manageable. Especially for new gardeners, overextending your capabilities is natural, which means none of your plants get all the attention they need. Keep your designs and the selection of plants manageable. If you can only garden an hour a week, high maintenance plants and design schemes should be avoided. You can always expand your beds later. 

Gardening can be natural, whether you have land or a balcony. Just remember to plan, and budget, realistically.

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