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Ferns For Texas include Wood Fern and Silvery Glade Fern

We offer only the best-handpicked ferns for all of our states that we provide seeds too. We provide a total number of 24 ferns to your beautiful country, from our very green wood ferns to our silvery glade fern. We love providing your state with the most beautiful and diverse ferns because of how much positive feedback we receive from your state. If you are one of those very satisfied costumers, please take the time at the point of check out to leave us a comment and let us know how we can better our company to accommodate to you personally.

The Versatile Fern: Perfect for Every Texas Garden

The misunderstanding that ferns are delicate plants can cause Texas gardeners to ignore a beautiful option that works as well as a groundcover as it does in a plant pot on a patio. 

Ferns for Texas can grow in the sun and the shade, depending on the type

Ferns for Sunny Spots  

The King Ostrich fern loves sunshine but is hardy enough to thrive in partial sun and shade, and grows well in the heat. The fern gets its name due to its foliage that looks like the plume of an ostrich. 

The cinnamon fern is a unique looking plant with center fronds that look like cinnamon sticks. The plant is durable and can live in any light but does best when it has full sunshine. It matures to five-feet in height and about three feet wide. 

The Japanese Painted Fern is a colorful addition. It loves sunlight and provides groundcover easily. This plant, like the other two sun-lovers listed above, do need moist soil. Remember to water often and add mulch to the soil for water retention. 

Ferns for Texas are drought tolerant for the most part

Ferns for Dry Conditions 

Gardeners that want heat-tolerant ferns for shady spots should start with the Autumn fern. It is a beautiful choice for ground cover around shade trees and in corners of the yard that do not get a lot of sunshine. 

The Christmas fern is another possibility for dry areas. The plant does well in partial and full shade and needs very little maintenance. Christmas ferns grow to about 2’ x 2’ but do not multiply like other species of ferns. The non-spreading tendency is useful for gardeners that want a structured garden layout. 

Ferns for Difficult Locations - Ferns for Texas

The Ebony Spleenwort has an upright growing frond that loves sunshine and dry soil. It grows well in thin, rocky soil, on slopes and can even flourish directly on rocks or mortar. The plant is perfect for gardeners that want greenery around their home without a lot of effort. 

It is a myth that ferns are fussy plants that need perfect conditions to grow. Scientists know that ferns have existed for millions of years and that some have barely changed since the Jurassic period. Fossilized remains of ferns that grew 220 million years ago still share the same structural characteristics of royal ferns growing today. These are plants that can forgive a missed watering.

Ferns For Texas