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Ferns For Tennessee

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Perfect Native Fern Plants For Tennessee

A native fern is an indigenous plant that is adapted to local area growing conditions. Many people prefer ferns because they are quite resistant to local diseases insects and animals, especially deer. Ferns are good ground cover and help to prevent erosion. Native ferns often serve as the backbone of a shade garden by creating a setting for a variety of flowers. They are good ground cover and a colonizer in areas overbrowsed by deer. 

In Tennessee, there are many perfect native fern plants. One quite striking is Gold Star Grass, a member of the lily family. Gold Star Grass is a beautiful yellow flower with a lovely star-shaped six petal flower. It grows about 3 inches tall and grows in open woods, dry damp areas, and meadows. 

Ferns for Tennessee are mostly evergreen

Another native ferns for Tennessee can brag about is the Christmas Fern from the Dryupteridaceae family. This fern is evergreen in nature and brings winter interest to the woodland garden. It is the clump like and reaches one to two feet and will grow in most conditions, including rocky and poor soil. This hardy fern stays green right through the holidays. Tennessean's bring them inside during the holidays. This fern loves moist well-drained soil in the shade and often serves as a ground cover and is deer resistant. 

American Beautyberry is a beautiful fern from the Acanthus Family that has a nice slender sturdy three to five-inch stalk with bright tiny purple berries or rose or lavender-pink berries. This plant likes moisture and rich soils. This large understory shrub grows well in May, June, and July. The Tennessee Ostrich Fern is similar to the Boston Fern. It grows v-shaped, multiplies quickly and grows well in wet areas, alongside ponds, bogs or water gardens. This glade fern is a pleasure to own. 

Ferns for Tennessee are highly regarded, and once you learn to identify them, you will love them

We offer a total number of 41 ferns to your beautiful state, from our wood fern to our shield fern. We love providing your state with the most beautiful and diverse ferns because of how much positive feedback we receive from your state with us growing our plants here as well. If you are one of those delighted customers, please take the time at the point of check out to leave us a comment and let us know how we can better our company to accommodate to you personally.

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