Fern Grab Bag- 25 Ferns, Perfect For Your Zone- Mature Size

Fern Grab Bag- 25 Ferns, Perfect For Your Zone- Mature Size

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Hardy Planting Zone 3-9, Light Requirement - Sun/ Shade, Mature Height 48"

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Fern Grab Bag Wholesale at TN Nursery- Contains 25 Ferns Of An Assortment Perfect For Your Landscaping Needs

Fern Grab Bag - Cheap Ferns for Sale!

Fern Grab Bag is for homeowners and gardeners that would rather not pay $12.99 per fern from other online and local retailers? Would you like several ferns perfect for your soil and climate, delivered fast? Get the Fern Grab Bag! For only $49.99, you get 25 top notch ferns in a selection suited to your specific location. Our Fern Grab Bag is the deal your landscape needs, with a choice of several hardy ferns. It's a deal too good to pass up for any landscaper or homeowner! TN Nursery guarantees the best price on their fern sale!  Fern Grab Bag is a fabulous item to purchase! It has several fern plants at once and also a great way to fill in gardens and natural areas without breaking the budget.  It supplies a beautiful selection of healthy and top-grade a fern that grows very well in various types of soil and also lighting conditions.  It is a lovely way to produce gorgeous color as they grow and mature.  They also look amazing when several are planted on a lawn, and other plants are planted around them.  This package is a beautiful way to cover those bare spots on a garden with gorgeous ferns that look amazing when growing.  All the ferns in this box are shipped directly to the customer from this beautiful online nursery, and they always arrive in top condition and are ready to plant and fill gardens and natural areas with brilliance.  A great way to provide a gorgeous look and add curb appeal. Fern Grab Bag may include 1,2,3 or more the following varieties:

Evergreen Christmas Fern


Glade Fern


Ostrich Ferns


New York Fern


Cinnamon Fern


Delicate Lady Ferns


Golden Ferns


Leatherwood Fern


Hay Scented Fern





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Fern Grab Bag

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