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Fast Growing Trees Matures in Less Time Than Conventional Trees

Opt for fast-growing trees for maturity in less time. Some considerations are maple trees, poplar, pine, and sycamore varieties. Native trees are the easiest to thrive and offer low maintenance.

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Fast Growing Trees

1. Tulip Poplar

2. Dogwood

3. Crape Myrtle

4. Mulberry

5. Box Elder


Want Super Fast Growing Trees? Try Maple Trees

Many homeowners have difficulty deciding which tree to use in their landscaping. They want something that will look good but functional and benefit them.


Maple trees are the perfect solution for people who want beautiful landscape trees that will benefit them after they're planted. There are many different maple trees, so you can pick one that fits your specific needs.

We sell all sorts of maple trees at TN Nursery, including sugar maples, red maples, and silver maples. 


Tulip Poplar Trees Infuse Properties with Fragrance and fast-growing


This is for you if you want to add a tulip tree to your yard without breaking the bank. We've found an incredible deal on 100% natural Tn Nursery tulip trees that will look amazing in any yard and won't break the bank! 


Most people want to grow a tree, but many are put off by the time it takes for trees to mature. We have a solution allowing you to grow your trees in three years! 

While there are numerous trees, here's a list of those best suited to varying climatic conditions with beautiful aesthetic value.


Sycamore Tree

The Sycamore tree is found in North America and more abundantly in Eastern North America. The plant has a stem frequently divided into multiple branches near the ground. They grow up to 100 feet and are drought tolerant when established. The whole look of the plant makes it an excellent choice of shade tree for animals.


Autumn Blaze Maple Tree

The gorgeous Autumn Blaze Maple is a hybrid of Red and Silver Maple. The hybrid plant is well-known for its exhilarating display of Autumn foliage and fast growth. They do not require immense care and can be grown in full sun or partial shade. Though the tree grows best in moist, nutrient-rich soil, they also tolerate dry soil. Autumn Blaze is pest and disease-free and gives stunning orange-red leaves in Autumn.


Black Cherry Tree

The Black Cherry Tree is an eye-pleasing fast-growing plant that does not require much care and matures to 60 feet in height in just a few years. Drooping clusters of pretty white flowers add to the beauty of the plant before the foliage turns to a bright red in Autumn. Black Cherry Tree bears fruit young and attracts wildlife, including birds. 


Black Willow Tree

Black Willow is the widest North American variety of willow trees. They are named Black willow because of their dark brown to black bark. This species, known for its strength, grows in almost all conditions, especially in damp soils. The Black Willow grows to 70 feet while the flowers attract birds and insects. The plant is incredibly easy-to-grow and thrives without extensive care.


Box Elder Tree

The Box Elder Tree is native to North America and is a fast-growing plant that grows around 50 to 80 feet in height, having a lifespan of 60 years. It blooms in spring with petalless yellow-green flowers appearing on the branches, followed by fruit that attracts squirrels and other wildlife. Box Elder likes damp to medium moist soil but proliferates in dry soil. This tree is often used in landscaping projects to provide shade trees quickly.


Elderberry Tree

Elderberry is the perfect choice if you are looking for a fast-growing tree with beautiful flowers. This plant thrives almost everywhere and is found in abundance in North America. It is a low-maintenance plant and grows in all types of shade and soil. Though Elderberry is mainly used as an ornamental plant, the fruit has therapeutic properties.


Kousa Dogwood Tree

Kousa Dogwood comes from the Japanese language and is among the fast-growing short plants. The tree has varying shapes and appearances throughout its growth period. What begins as a conical-shaped plant later develops into a beautiful vase-shaped tree. The eye-catching flowers appear in May, whereas reddish-purple and scarlet foliage are exhibited in Autumn.


Loblolly Pine Tree

Loblolly Pine Tree is the second-most abundant tree in North America after Red Maple. The plant, if this tree reaches a height of up to 90 feet with a spread of 2-3 feet in a short time. The male flowers are yellow to red, whereas the female flowers have a purple to yellow shade. Apart from being a gorgeous tree, it is drought and disease-resistant. It is smoothly planted and easy to transplant.


Mulberry Tree

Mulberry Trees are easy-to-grow flowering plants that bear red, black, and purple berries. Black mulberry is a short-sighted species that grow 30 feet in height, while red mulberries reach 70 feet. Mulberries grow in varying seasons depending on the region and attract birds. They develop the best in full sun and partial shade and tolerate poor soil.


Muskogee Crape Myrtle

Muskogee crape myrtle is not only a fast-growing tree. The gorgeous purple flowers make it a splendid choice for any landscaping project. This low-maintenance plant is planted widely across sidewalks because of its fine fibrous roots. The droplets falling on the ting leaves shine like crystals, giving an aesthetic-looking glossy look to the foliage. The smaller plant species grows to 15 feet in height while the tall genre reaches a height of 25 to 30 feet.


Natchez Crepe Myrtle

Originating from Asia, the beautiful Natchez Crepe Myrtle has become a top choice for hedges in the United States. You may find this plant in pink, purple, red, and white colors. It is one of the plants with the most extended blooming season ranging between 60 and 120 days. It is quickly grown in small spaces and grows a few feet yearly. Removing the dead blossoms can also lead to a second or third blooming round on the tree. 


Pitch Pine Tree

The Pitch Pine trees are medium-sized pines that grow 40 to 70 feet in height within a few years. It has an uneven, spherical structure with drooping branches forming a crown. The tree does not require the addition of fertilizer for growth and grows in almost all kinds of soil. Pine Pitch Tree is drought and pest tolerant and used as a wildlife shelter.


River Birch Tree

Commonly known as the Silver birch or paper birch, these trees are multi-trunked and grow 40 - 70 feet in height and up to 60 feet in spread. They can grow in varying climatic zones and provide a soothing effect, acting as a shade tree. They increase in damp areas, including water and swamps or near riverbanks. 


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