Southern Yellow Pine

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Latin Name- Pinus rigida Hardy Planting Zone-7-9 Mature Height-80-100 Width-30-40 Sun or Shade- Full shade


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Southern Yellow Pine

Southern Yellow Pine is beautiful and full of color. It does best in sandy or clay-like soils but can adapt to others.  They are drought tolerant and will provide some much-needed coloration.  The bark is rough, and the foliage is an amazing green color.  During the fall, yellow will be the dominant color on this tree and will stand out in any area.  It can grow three or more feet each year and is known for its height.  These make outstanding trees and also work great for creating shade on large lawns.  This is one of the most natural pine trees there is to grow as it does great in almost any type of conditions.  They also provide gorgeous pine needles that paint a beautiful picture as they are a superb green all year.  They also look amazing covered in snow during the winter months of the year.  These are fast-growing, and they can grow up to three feet each year once they become established in their soil conditions.  These trees also make and create spectacular borders for lawns, and it is great because of the pine needles this tree provides they can also be used for mulching in flower gardens and natural areas.  These are very strong and hardy trees and can withstand all types of weather and storms.  They also attract smaller wildlife and also a variety of birds.The Southern Yellow Pine is rich with a golden-green hue. Known for its spectacular height, it's the ideal choice for a Christmas tree. The tree's long needles and yellow color really stands out in the fall. Drought resistant, the Southern Yellow Pine thrives in sandy and clay-like soils. The trees provide ample lawn shade, especially during the summer months. They also look amazing after a snowfall. No need to let the falling needles go to waste; they make excellent mulch for flower gardens. These trees are also very strong and do well year round.




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