NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Vibrant Fall Trees

One of the most challenging parts of landscaping is waiting for new trees to grow. Autumn lovers want their trees to grow in as quickly as possible so they can enjoy their vibrant foliage right away. Luckily, several tree varieties don't just grow fast but also turn to stunning red, yellow, and orange during their first fall season.

Maple trees

Maple trees grow very tall, and their strong branches spread wide, making them responsible for some of the most prominent fall colors in the United States. Like the red maple and the sugar maple, certain varieties can grow up to three feet per year when the tree is young. Some are even named after their autumn colors, like the October glory red maple and the red sunset maple. Other varieties grow at only a medium rate, but they still produce beautiful colors in the fall.

Tupelo trees

Tupelo trees like the black Tupelo have some of the most prized fall foliage among landscapers. These trees grow up to two feet each year and produce many leaves, starting low on the trunk. These oval-shaped leaves turn sunset red in the fall, and they are often some of the first to turn, whether young or mature, a tupelo's fall color lasts through most of the season. Tree expert Tammy Sons that the Tupelo is "one of the best and most consistent native trees for fall color."

Birch trees

Birch trees are grown not only for shade but also for their brightly colored leaves. They grow at a relatively quick rate of up to two feet per year, and they mature at around 40 feet. Some varieties, such as the crimson birch, have deep red leaves throughout the summer, which turns to shocking red and yellow in the fall. Birch trees like the paper birch also have distinctively pale bark, adding another color contrast against the reds and browns of autumn.

Willow trees

Willow trees are among the fastest-growing trees used in landscaping, allowing them to fit quickly into any yard. Given the right conditions, they can grow up to eight feet each year, quickly producing the drooping branches this tree is famous for. In the fall, willows are a cascade of delicate, yellow leaves. These colors look best when reflected in a pond or lake, where willow trees thrive.

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