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Fall Trees

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Fall Tree Leaves- One Of The Fall's Most Beautiful Additions

Fall trees leave change color and drop their leaves in the fall are known as deciduous, a word which refers to shedding leaves in fall. These leaves are generally shed to foster the growth of flowers without the barrier of sheets that can impede pollination. The shedding of fall trees' leaves is triggered by autumn's change in sunlight, heat, and moisture.

Fall Trees Gets Attention From Nature Lovers, New Casts & People From All Walks

Everyone loves the Fall time of the year. No wonder fall is 56% of American's favorite season. With temperatures cooling down after hot summers and so many fun activities can be done outdoors, no wonder it's a favorite of many. We have a variety of trees that produces ultimate fall foliage so you can also have a nice touch of the splendor of Autumn in your yard. We have a large variety of fall colored trees. Most live for many decades and get to towering heights of over 40 feet tall. Fall doesn't last too long, but the beauty of it is so surreal it's almost like a dream to travel to the mountain areas and admire all the ever- so- changing colors of the trees during this colorful changing process.

Spring Leaves Are Green, Fall Trees Leaves Are Vibrant- One of Autumn's Most Treasured Things

In the springtime most trees leaves are green and stay that color until Fall, then they slowly start color changing to the most beautiful arrays of golden, red and burgundy color tones to reach their full potential before old man winter sets in near the middle of December, or at least that's the weather changes in Tennessee. When you buy our fall foliage trees, you will be getting dormant trees, without leave or foliage. Plant in the fall and spring next year you will have green leaves in the spring and summer then come October they will start changing colors and reach their full-color potential by mid-October through November. Most fall foliage trees are fast growing and become mature within a few years. The benefits of these trees are not only in autumn but year-round by producing shade, fresh oxygen and last but not least make gorgeous landscaping for many years to come. All these trees are relatively low maintenance and will do well in most soil and climates.