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Evergreen Conifer Trees

Evergreen conifers are great additions to all types of landscapes. In addition to making yards look nicer, there are several other advantages that come with incorporating these types of trees into landscape designs.Energy Efficiency-Having evergreen conifers planted can help homes cut down on energy usage during the winter months. These trees can be planted in a row to create a wind barrier, which can shelter a home from blasts of cold air and eliminate the necessity to use as much heat to keep the interior warm. Flood Prevention-The roots of these trees can create pockets in soil particles that are able to absorb rainwater and keep it from flooding yards. Moisture is also absorbed by the roots in order to keep the trees alive, and this can also prevent any water from standing and causing flooding. Privacy-Many types of evergreen conifers can grow tall and provide the perfect barrier for privacy. These trees can be situated near fences, along sidewalks and in other areas where people may try to peer in while passing.Easier Yard Cleanup-During the autumn season, certain types of trees have leaves that change color and fall from their branches, and this can create a large mess in yards. Evergreen conifers stay green throughout the entire year and do not have leaves that fall, which makes them an ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t enjoy raking leaves. Even though evergreens have needles and cones that sometimes fall, they are generally much easier to clean up than leaves.Cones for Art Pieces-People with a knack for creativity can use the fallen cones from their evergreen conifers to make creative art pieces. These cones can be made into colorful fire starters or incorporated into handmade wreaths. Handmade toys can also be crafted out of cones.