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Evergreen Hedges

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Evergreen Hedges are low-maintenance and hardy hedges

Do you want to plant a beautiful evergreen hedge? Our smaller conifers are the perfect choice. Smaller privets make excellent evergreen hedge plants because they’re hardy and low maintenance. You basically just have to trim them every once in a while. Many of them are fast growing too, so make a great choice if you need fast growing evergreen hedge plants.

Evergreen Hedges are carefully selected for your zone

Are you looking for an evergreen hedge for zone 5? Maybe you’re looking for an evergreen hedge in zone 8? If you live in zones 4-9, our privets make great evergreen hedges. You can find evergreen hedging plants for your zone here:

 Evergreen Hedges are adaptive to other climates

And our privets aren’t just rated to each of these zones. Every plant we send you will be carefully selected for its adaptation to the climate conditions in your zone. How? We source planting stock from across the country and we actively seek out planting stock that’s adapted to its climate over a number of generations. That way, even though we grow our plants in Tennessee, we sell plants that are adapted to other climates.

Pro tip:

When you’re deciding how many conifers to buy for your new evergreen hedge, first decide how deep you want it to be. That’s also how far apart you need to plant each plant in the hedge. Once you know that and you know how long you want your hedge to be, you can then calculate how many hedge plants you need to buy.

So if you want to grab a fantastic deal on an evergreen hedge, all our small conifers make excellent evergreen hedge plants.