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The American Boxwood is a hardy evergreen shrub variety with dense foliage that will continue to thrive even periods of drought or neglect, as long as soil pH is at the optimum level of between 6.5 and 7.5. Test soil to determine pH level and amend as needed- add lime to raise pH and sulfur to lower. Easy to grow and low maintenance, the tiny leaves evergreen leaves will provide visual interest to a landscape year-round, making up for the lack of flowers. The shrub is cold-hardy, deer and disease resistant and is equally at home when planted in-ground or in a container. The care-free American Boxwood is often planted in groups of 3 in landscape design or as a single topiary planting in a landscape or container.

Evergreen Conifers for Zone 7 have several varieties of low-maintenance plants

Boxwood shrubs grow in a natural round form and tolerate mild to the severe pruning of their thick branches so they can be shaped as desired. Frequently planted as formal hedgerows and for landscape topiaries, Boxwoods are easy-care evergreens with a slow growth pattern that also make them ideal for foundation planting. The small smooth leaves are a shiny dark green and remain on the shrub year-round, providing landscape color and texture during winter months. After planting, add a layer of mulch around shrub base to keep the roots cool and moist. Feed Boxwood shrubs with a dose of balanced 10-10-10 fertilize in the early spring if desired.

Evergreen Conifers for Zone 7 include the Loblolly Pine

They are considered pioneer trees because they become wild and prolifically in the Southwestern United States.
Growth Rate: With ideal soil conditions this type tree can grow up to 25” per year. Most trees live to 150 years to 300 years.
Flowering Time: Trees are considered evergreen and flowers into pine cones.
How Long it Flowers: The needles on the trees stay green all year long.
Flower Color: These trees are characterized by needles and pine cones. The needles are green in color and last up to 2 years before falling off the tree.
Soil Requirements: These type trees grow best in acidic clay soil foundations that is moist, sandy and is well drained.
Pruning: No pruning is needed for these type trees
Flower Form: Long piney needles are the trademark of this tree.

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