Evergreen Conifers For Zone 6


Green Mountain Boxwood
Green Mountain Boxwood is a low maintenance shrub that grows in an upright pyramid shape and needs little if any pruning assistance to maintain that shape throughout its lifetime. This evergreen boxwood variety grows faster than a traditional boxwood and holds it’s dark green leaf color better than other boxwood varieties. Leaves are small, shiny and dark green and tiny yellow spring flowers hide among the dense shrub foliage. Shrub adapts to severe pruning and is often used in topiary designs, container shrub or as an anchor plant in flower beds. Mulch after planting to keep root system cool and hold soil moisture. Apply a light feeding of 10-10-10 fertilizes in early spring.

Canadian Hemlock
The Canadian Hemlock grows best in humid and slightly sunny but mostly shady areas. This tree will grow upwards out of the ground up to 70 feet tall. This tree is in the classifications with Evergreen trees. This tree will have problems in the wind. The leaves on this tree are yellowish and green. This tree could also be used as a hedge.


White Pine
The White Pine has Evergreen needles 3 to 5 inches in length and are a blueish-green color. There are five needles on each fascicle. The yellow male flowers are at the tips of branches, and the pink female flowers(cones) are near the end. It bares cones 4 to 7 inches in length. The bark is very thick and red-brown. They usually have a very straight trunk with up-turned branches pointing toward the sky.