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Conifers, pine trees, privet hedges, and cedar trees make great privacy fences

Are you frustrated by excessive traffic noise? Want to avoid nosey neighbors? Need to slow or redirect strong winds? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then our affordable conifers are for you. We stock a great range of evergreen conifers including cedar trees, pine trees and privet hedge trees. You can even buy an American holly tree from us. And all of these trees make great hedges, fantastic windbreaks and perfect privacy screens.

Large privacy conifers

With increasingly small block sizes comes new challenges when it comes to maintaining privacy. And when your neighbor lives in a multi-story home, it’s even harder to maintain privacy in your yard. That’s where large, evergreen conifers come into the picture.

By planting a row of large conifers, you can build an effective privacy screen that will enable you and your family to enjoy your outdoor space without having to worry about any nosey neighbors. And with many of our large conifers growing to over 20 feet in height at maturity, you can even shelter your yard from the prying eyes of a neighbor in a two-story house.

The best things about using a living privacy screen are that they’re effective, they’re affordable and they’re beautiful. They’re also low maintenance. There’s no need to paint a fence when you’re using a living privacy screen.

Conifers should be carefully chosen to make the ideal hedge or fence

Small evergreen hedges for privacy and style

If a large privacy screen isn’t for you, perhaps you’re in the market for a neatly trimmed evergreen hedge. Evergreen hedges are great for shielding your front yard from passers-by. They’re also the perfect addition to a formal garden.

If you’re looking to create a small evergreen hedge, then check out our fantastic range of privet varieties. They’re all perfect for a formal hedge or privacy fence.

Privet plants for the perfect hedge

There’s something about a privet hedge that says ‘home’. They make a gorgeous alternative to a metal or wooden fence and can add a touch of sophistication to any garden. And they don’t just have to be the stereotypical green. You can choose California privet or regal privet for a classic look. Or if you prefer something a little different, try our beautiful northern privet, which is a brighter, more vibrant green, or our stunning golden privet, which, as its name suggests, produces spectacular golden colored leaves or ‘needles’.

Conifers are for an evergreen, living fence for your school or business

Looking for a living fence option for your school or business? Our beautiful conifers aren’t just for home gardens. They’re all suitable for schools and businesses and we find privet hedges are a popular choice among schools in particular. Pair a privet hedge with a few fruit trees and some flowering perennials, and you’ve got yourself a lovely green space that will help students learn and employees work more effectively and efficiently.

Pro tip:

When planting trees to produce a hedge, consider how deep you’d like your hedge to be. Many inexperienced gardeners plant their trees either too close together or too far apart but there’s a simple way to determine what the ideal separation is based on your target depth for your hedge: however deep you want your hedge to be, that’s how far apart you should space your trees. Following that rule of thumb will enable you to grow a lovely, full hedge without any of the holes that result from pruning back your hedge too far or spacing your trees too far apart.

So if you want to grab a fantastic deal some beautiful conifers for your home, school or business, all our conifers are hardy, mature specimens that will bring privacy and joy.