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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Evergreen Conifers & Pine Trees  


Pine trees and other evergreens support a rich habitat for wildlife and deliver significant benefits for property owners. Although evergreen conifers may not produce eye-catching season flowers like Dogwoods, they keep their dark green needles during the cold Tennessee winters. Like choosing any plant for your land, evergreen conifers and pine trees come with pros and cons. As a TN plant nursery with a complete inventory, we’d like to offer some insight and share common uses of evergreen conifers and pine trees.

1: What is the Difference Between Conifers and Evergreens?

The vast majority of conifer trees maintain green foliage year-round. That, by definition, would seem to make them evergreen conifers. But evergreens do not always fall into the conifer category despite the expected association. While significant overlap exists between conifers and evergreens, you may discover some exceptions.

One of the inherent misconceptions stems from what the word “conifer” means. The term generally refers to pine trees that produce cones that bear their seeds rather than flowers. The term “evergreen” typically highlights that pine tree needles, which qualify as leaves, stay green all year. In other words, they do not necessarily change color during autumn, fall off, and bloom during spring. In terms of conifers that do not remain green, Ginkgo trees fit the bill. And evergreen Juniper trees produce male and female seeds in a type of modified cone-like leaves.

2: What Landscaping Purpose Can Evergreen Conifers & Pine Trees Serve?

Spruce Pine trees remain a popular choice to create evergreen privacy walls. Homeowners often like to integrate them into a landscape to define property lines by planting them in long rows. By positioning these evergreen conifers relatively close together, their branches and pine needles can form a visually impenetrable wall as they overlap.

These pine trees produce a brown cone commonly used in crafting. In the wilderness, many mature to upwards of 80 feet. However, Spruce Pine trees typically reach 60 feet in suburban landscapes. This variety excels in moist, acidic soil and enjoys full sunlight placement.

As we indicated previously, some evergreens do not necessarily produce cones. Several varieties of Privet Plants keep their green leaves all year. They produce flowers rather than cones, making them an evergreen but not a conifer. Privets also make lovely privacy walls. Landscapers finely manicure them into beautiful hedges. Some property owners prefer to let them reach maximum heights of 12 feet and only modestly trim them back. They continue to prove a valuable landscaping asset in terms of evergreen privacy walls.

3: Pine Trees Can Provide Year-Round Accent Greenery

Property owners often select evergreens and pine trees because they infuse the landscape with year-round greenery. If you notice, many front yards include a standalone for this very reason. Junipers, commonly called Cedar Trees, enjoy popularity as standalone accents even though they sometimes mature to over 100 feet. Rows of Cedars can form what many consider among the best natural windbreak barriers.

4: Pine Trees Deliver Top Timber Harvest ROI

Residents who harvest timber to offset the costs of land ownership often choose pine trees. They rank among the fast-growing trees, and the lumber generally delivers a substantial return on investment (ROI).

Loblolly Pine trees continue to lead the league in ROI because they increase and produce high-quality lumber for construction and wooden product manufacturing. These evergreen conifers can grow at a rate of 2-feet annually. In North America, more Loblolly Pine trees grow than any other species, except Red Maples. They typically mature to upwards of 90 feet.

 TN Nursery Has Evergreen Conifers & Pine Trees Available

If you consider evergreens to enhance your landscape or plan a timber harvest, we stock a wide variety of evergreens that acclimate well to this region. If you would like more information about evergreen conifers and pine trees, contact our TN nursery today.


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