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Wednesday, September 21

Wild Ginger

Most plants that you grow require full or partial sunlight, and they occupy a lot of space in your garden leaving behind areas or spots that are entirely or partially shaded. You can make use of these dark patches by planting the European Wild Ginger. European Wild Ginger is a plant that can quickly adapt to shady areas.

European Wild Ginger plant is native to Europe, and its scientific name is Asarum Europaeum. It has brown flowers, which are found underneath its green and glossy leaves. The leaves of the European Wild Ginger are approximately 3 inches in diameter. They are available in a variety of green shades. Some are shiny, and others are different textures. These leaves have the shape of a human kidney. They are dense and large, which makes the stem of the plant partially invisible.

Growing Wild Ginger

These plants are evergreen, but they may shed leaves during icy winters. They can be grown in moist soil that is rich in humus. European Wild Ginger has bell-shaped white flowers which bloom during the spring season. This plant does not necessarily require a lot of moisture, and it can grow in well-drained soil. However, it tends to thrive and spread rapidly in wet conditions. The plant can be easily propagated by division.

European Wild Ginger plants are perfect ground cover plants because their leaves are dense, covering the ground beautifully. You can adorn areas in your vacant and dull garden with these plants to enhance the look. The European Wild Ginger is ideal for covering empty spaces in your garden, and You can even plant them in containers.

These are ideal groundcovers for areas where ample sunlight does not penetrate, so they can grow them and make even dull and shady spots come alive with lively green colors.

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