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Wednesday, March 23

European Ginger

European wild ginger is a beautiful ground cover that works excellent in shady spots.

The wild ginger gets its name, “European,” because it is native to Europe.

The wild ginger had glossy green leaves that can grow to about 3 inches round and has stalks that can reach 5 inches high. The European wild ginger has kidney-shaped leaves, and this plant is straightforward to take care of.

The European wild ginger does the best in partial shade to full shade and loves soil rich in humus. The wild ginger is a great and easy plant to divide up so that you can plant it in many various places in the spring.

If you have areas that get a lot of shade and have a hard time getting anything to grow there, the European wild ginger is perfect. The European wild ginger does best in zones 3- 6. European wild ginger is excellent for shade gardens that don’t get a lot of sunlight or even on a porch that doesn’t get direct sunlight.

There are many different kinds of European wild ginger, such as the Canadian ginger, in zone 3. The wild ginger has a very fragrant smell and can be used in herbal teas, medicines, drinks, delicacy dishes, and many other household reasons.

European wild ginger is a very edible as well as a versatile plant to have around. This plant can be planted out in the yard, on the porch, or in a pot in your home. Which do you prefer?

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