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English Cottage Gardens

English Cottage Gardens

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Wednesday, March 16

If you like a lush, but informal garden, try an English Cottage garden. 

Know for their charm and casual feel; cottage gardens are at home in places where formal, geometric gardens would not be. They became popular during the arts and crafts movement in the 1800's which was a rebellion in art, architecture and even gardening against extremely strict concepts of what was appropriate for the day and time.

Flowers were jumbled together in cottage gardens, which were tended, but almost in a manner as to make them appear as untended and natural as possible. 

Perennials were important as were climbing vines and wild roses that charmingly could not be contained within boundaries. If you like a little wildness in your casual garden, a cottage style might just be for you.Hydrangeas would be a perfect choice or these old-fashioned gardens. Look for them in our plant nursery. 

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