Empress Tree

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Empress Trees

Empress Trees started in central and western China, but it can be found in the United States. The respective tree will usually grow to about 10–25 meters tall. The featured tree has to have its space because it cannot grow if it's surrounded by other trees. It will be able to survive fire because the roots of the tree are so far beneath the ground. The stems of the plants will grow at a fast rate and it isn't picky about what type of soil it grows in.

The leaves of the tree usually look like large-heart shapes. The flowers on the tree will come out sometime in the early spring. The flower is often mistaken for a Foxglove. The fruit of the tree is egg-shaped, and it has numerous seeds on the capusel. The seeds will travel when its windy outside; that is the main way the respective tree grows in China and the United States. For economical purposes, it is considered to be a pioneer plant. The plant has nitrogen-rich leaves so that the tree can provide fodder.

Also, the plant can prevent soil erosion. You will often find the featured tree in gardens and parks around the world. In China, it is common to plant the tree every time a baby girl is born. The tree is apart of the Chinese culture. Since the leaves are soft, the respective tree was often used during the 19th century as packing material. Since the packages would often break apart, it was determined this is not a good way to send a package. When the respective packages broke apart along the train tracks, this is the way the seeds started to grow in the US. The tree is considered to be a weed.

These are just some of the benefits of investing in empress trees. Consumers with questions about the tree can ask any one of our knowledgeable staff members. This tree is easy to grow because it grows so fast, and it grows in all kinds of soils. Good luck with your planting experience!

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