NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Thursday, March 10

Landscaping with Edible Flowers

Would you like to try edible flowers in a salad but feel nervous because you never know which ones are poisonous? Well, indeed, You can't eat some flowers. But, by researching them before you try, you can feel safe that not only is your salad beautiful, it also won't send you to the emergency room. First off, you really should not eat flowers from the florist as those might have added chemicals. Ones from your yard grown without pesticides are good candidates.

Varieties of edible flowers

Violets are some of the sweetest, most delicate flowers. Nasturtiums are brighter and bigger but somewhat tart. The biggest of all is daylilies which are sometimes deep-fried in Asian cultures. If you think an edible flower is pretty but perhaps not tasty, try this easy trick. Stick a few rose petals and some sugar in a blender. Mix for a minute or so till it's all blended up. You will have the most excellent smelling sugar you can imagine. Use to sweeten and lightly flavor tea or as a substitute for cinnamon toast. Romantic Carolina roses can be found in our plant nursery.

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