NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Drought Tolerant Plants

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Drought Tolerant Plants

Buy Drought Tolerant Plants that Need Little Moisture To Live or Thrive from Tn Nursery

Drought-tolerant plants, which are also referred to as drought-resistant plants, thrive in harsh, sunny weather and require little water to sustain themselves. They grow naturally in arid climates. Drought-tolerant plants often have thick stems, and their leaves may be covered in a smooth coat or a layer of hair. Examples include agave, lantana, and verbena.

Drought Tolerant Plants

Drought Tolerant Plants are very low maintenance because of the lack of water they need

Most new homeowners love to have pretty landscaping. Especially those that work long hours want to plant things that are easy and require little maintenance. Drought tolerant plants fit this description - Low maintenance and easy to get. We all love to have a beautiful landscape, no matter the cost involved for some.

Drought Tolerant Plants are very affordable 

These type plants are very affordable and due to them being easy to grow and being able to thrive in even poor soils. Favorites of many homeowners are native grasses. They are perfect to use and plant near higher areas, and in places one can not get irrigation too.

There's also upland tree varieties that require little water also that people like to invest in for more extensive landscaping projects. Those trees are sumac, alder and oakleaf hydrangeas.

Drought Tolerant Plants are Available to Purchase from Tn Nursery with Quick Shipping and Affordable Rates