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Tn Nurseries Best Selling Drought Tolerant Plants

1. Blue Gama Grass

2. Palm Sedge

3. Indian Grass

4. Blue Joint Grass

5. Black Eyed Susan

Drought-tolerant plants, which are also referred to as drought-resistant plants, thrive in harsh, sunny weather and require little water to sustain themselves. They grow naturally in arid climates. Drought-tolerant plants often have thick stems, and their leaves may be covered in a smooth coat or a layer of hair. Examples include agave, lantana, and verbena.

Drought Tolerant Plants

Drought Tolerant Plants are very low maintenance because of the lack of water they need

Most new homeowners love to have pretty landscaping. Especially those that work long hours want to plant things that are easy and require little maintenance. Drought tolerant plants fit this description - Low maintenance and easy to get. We all love to have a beautiful landscape, no matter the cost involved for some.

Drought Tolerant Plants are very affordable 

These type plants are very affordable and due to them being easy to grow and being able to thrive in even poor soils. Favorites of many homeowners are native grasses. They are perfect to use and plant near higher areas, and in places one can not get irrigation too.

There's also upland tree varieties that require little water also that people like to invest in for more extensive landscaping projects. Those trees are sumac, alder and oakleaf hydrangeas.

Drought Tolerant Plants are Available to Purchase from Tn Nursery with Quick Shipping and Affordable Rates

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Sometimes it feels so amazing to see that nature has its unique way of making things happen that you may find impossible. While many of us may feel that plants can't grow in areas with a low water supply, we all have seen cactus and similar plants proliferate beautifully. 

Drought tolerant plants are one such that do not need constant water supply to mature and grow well in low draining soils as well. They are best for areas with low rainfall and settings that don't receive extensive care. You can grow drought-tolerant plants in dry weather provided with the right conditions.

Characteristics of Drought Tolerant Plants

Drought tolerant plants naturally have features that thrive well in low-water conditions. Here are the characteristics that allow these plants to develop correctly include:

  • Evergreen drought-tolerant plants do not have large leaves and bear small needle-like leaves to avoid water loss and retain as much as possible.
  • Some plants have reduced leaf areas for the same purpose as needle-like leaves. Though a few already have tiny leaves, those with large leaves have deep indentations between the lobes to minimize the leaf area.
  • Some plants have fine hairs that tend to trap moisture at the surface of leaves, whether big or small.
  • Many drought-tolerant plants are seen to have wax-covered leaves to conserve water within.
  • Another technique of these plants is to conserve moisture in deep roots that pull most water from the ground.

What to consider when cultivating drought-tolerant plants?

While drought-tolerant plants do not need high water content, there are a couple of other factors that you will need to keep in mind for growing them adequately.

Soil type

You may be surprised to know that a few drought-tolerant plants do not act as drought-tolerant plants in all conditions. Some species need adequate soil conditions to tolerate drought conditions. 

Hardy zone

The most important part is to know your hardy zone and see if the plant you are choosing does well in that zone. North America has numerous hardy zones with many drought-tolerant plants to choose from. Choosing the wrong plant for your planting zone will not let it increase rightly, and the plant might die in some time.

Similar plants

One of the best tips to grow drought-tolerant plants is to pace them close to each other. This way, you will not have to care for many plants at once, and they will mature in similar circumstances conveniently.

Initial care

Though these plants do not require in-depth care, you must not ignore them in the establishment years. They would not require the same attention once the root system develops appropriately. 

Sun exposure

Not all drought-tolerant plants will survive in full shade, and some may need full sun. So, it is always good to check the sun exposure needs of your plant for maturity.

Best Drought tolerant Plants

If you think that all drought-tolerant plants are boring and have thorns, we say otherwise. Here are the best buy Drought Tolerant Plants at TN Nursery to beautify your garden in areas with less moisture.

Redbud Tree

The redbud tree is a gorgeous short-heightened tree with horizontal branches growing up to 30 feet. They need full sun to partial shade before maturity. Redbud is a low-maintenance tree and requires only one-inch water in seven days until established. After maturity, the water demands minimize further.

Black-Eyed Susan

The Black Eyed Susan with daisy-like yellow flowers is native to North America and grows in various regions. Besides needing the least amount of water for development, it is also resistant to pests and diseases, reducing the care and management required.

Red Maple Tree

Who knew that the stunning Red Maple could be grown with minimum care and water supply! They are among the plants with the most drought tolerance once established. This bright deciduous plant is widespread throughout North America and is a sight-worth-seeing during autumn.

Weeping Willow Trees

Talking of trees that grow adequately well in lesser moisture, Weeping Willow is among the top ones on the list. It grows in hardy plant zones 4 to 10 and tolerates all environmental conditions. The sweeping branches of this tree make the circular crown structure and offer shade to wildlife.

White Dogwood Tree

The modestly ornamental White Dogwood tree exhibits a snowy look when the white flowers bloom and cover the tree. It remains a show throughout the year, from the eye-catching white flowers to purplish-red foliage. It prefers mildly acidic loamy dry soil and thrives well in zones 5 to 9.

Red Daylily

Red Daylily is one of the most incredible traditional flowers and grows abundantly throughout North America. There are around 80,000 varieties of this plant with many fragrant species. Red Daylily is easy to grow and requires little to no care once developed. They do not attain much height and mature at 36 inches.

Burning Bush Shrub

You need to have this on your list of the best drought-tolerant plants for its beautiful colors. The leaves attain a bright red color in early to mid-August; hence called the Burning Bush. The best part about growing this shrub in a drought environment is that it's not a moist soil-loving plant.

Sumac Tree

Also known as the Lemon Sumac, the Sumac tree is famous for its aromatic fragrance and unique leafy branches. It grows fine in numerous locations, including forests, cliffs, and fields. Sumac is one of the most-liked drought tolerant flowering plants as it grows in all hardy zones across three to nine.

Coral Red Dogwood

While finding something unique to add to your garden, Coral Red Dogwood is the answer to your quest. In summer, white flowers blossom and the green leaves on red stems, giving it an incredibly stunning look. It is easy to manage and proliferates in multiple soils in the Mediterranean region. 

Shortleaf Yellow Pine

The Shortleaf Yellow Pine, belonging to the Pinaceae family, is one of the most flexible pines. The needle-like leaves of this plant enhance its drought tolerance by retaining moisture. Plant it between August and October to provide suitable growth conditions. 

Final Takeaway

Living in a low-moisture area is not something to worry about when you know these drought-tolerant plants to make your garden pretty. Find these at the TN Nursery plant to cultivate as border plants or adorn your backyard.

Happy gardening!



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