Driftwood Rustic Landscape Timber Large

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Driftwood Rustic Landscape Timber Large

Driftwood Uses in Gardens

How Driftwood Gives Flower Beds An Authentic South Western Look
Driftwood gives flower beds an authentic south-western look because it brings a rustic vibe to the scenery. The way the color and shape of a piece of driftwood would act in a certain setting or scene can control the entire presentation of a flower bed display. There are many components to a beautiful southwest style garden that reaches a certain level of authenticity and style. Since the southwest is widely known for their dry lands and slightly baron atmosphere, it is very easy to capture the south-west look with sun bleached driftwood, potted plants, cactus and a few pops of color. A great way to ensure a southwest look is achieved is by showcasing plants that would be found in the southwest or a southwest style garden. 

The color tones of each piece of driftwood play a role in how the flower beds appear to each observer. Driftwood that still has some of its original brassy colors will bring out the red undertones in the scenery. Sun-bleached or gray driftwood brings out the blue undertones in the scenery. The shape of the driftwood can affect the presentation of the flower bed display. A large piece of driftwood or log would be great as a centerpiece. Using multiple medium or small pieces of driftwood can capture a completely different tone. When there are multiple components to a garden, spacing will help improve the quality of its appearance. 

A good rule of thumb is to consider how a plant would grow near other plants or driftwood. In some crafty gardens, a person uses the driftwood log as a flower pot. Using driftwood as a flower pot is an amazing idea for a flower bed scene since plants can and will grow anywhere. The size and type of the driftwood will most definitely determine if you are able to incorporate this idea on, in or around the driftwood. Whether it is presented on, in or around the driftwood should not truly take away from the southwest appeal, however, if the driftwood looks misplaced in the garden it will not appear authentic.
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Driftwood is a simple and creative way to spruce up any garden. Since it is so diverse in texture, color, and pattern, driftwood can be used in many different garden styles and settings. A large piece can be easily made into a small planter box after being hollowed out. Driftwood also makes a good place for moss to grow in an accent area of the yard, as it is soft and porous. For those that are a bit handier, one or two large pieces of wood can be fashioned into a beautiful outdoor table. It can be attached to a sturdy metal base and lacquered and stained to help keep out moisture. No matter what, driftwood can be used in a wide variety of gardens.

Driftwood Rustic Landscape Timber Large was found on a river near Beersheba Spring Tennessee. Its an old stump from a locust tree and is petrified and will be an excellent addition to your garden or landscape design for years to come. Its 36-38" in length and could be polished to be beautiful for an inside piece of decor. Driftwood is now upscale in inside and outside landscape Design. One could imagine and understand why because these are exotic, extinct and you never get two pieces identical.We ship our driftwood exactly like we ship our plants, ups, FedEx or ups. They are sturdy and durable and hold up well in shipping. Driftwood looks best when it's placed in the flowerbed, around tulips or in rose gardens. It gives your landscaping a rustic and exotic look and feels of the days of old. Driftwood is very old, and it washes up from rivers and hundred-year-old trees. The driftwoods are exotic because you will never find two pieces alike or in the same shapes. If you order more than one piece, we will try to find you matching pieces, but with its uniqueness, it's difficult. 

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