Downy Serviceberry

Downy Serviceberry

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Downy Serviceberry Tree - Amelanchier arborea 

The Downy Serviceberry Tree is known for its beautiful flowers and foliage. This beauty will present showy white flowery clusters in the early spring. The summer is when you will see the popular red berries that are so loved by local birds and used in baking pies and for making fresh preserves. For the fall and early winter the Downy showcases lively red and gold-dish foliage. Because of its demeanor and size, the Downy is very popular and versatile when it comes to gardening and landscaping. 

The Downy Serviceberry Tree grows well and can be spotted in zones 4 through 9, which consist of far north as Wisconsin to deep south as some parts of Texas through Florida. The Downy can also be spotted in some areas of Canada, especially Ontario. The Downy grow up to 25 ft and its width can spread up to 25' as well at full maturity. The growth rate for the downy is medium, the height will increase by at least 13" per year. 

The Downy Serviceberry Tree enjoys full sun with a little shade. So the minimum of direct sunlight can be up to 4 hours per day. However, the Downy likes and needs acidic, wet, and well drained soil to grow. The high blooming months for the brightly colored and delicate flowers include March and April, but make sure of this because it can depend on the location (state) you are planting your Downy tree. But to see the ripening of the round shape fruit, keep an eye out around June and July. The Downy Serviceberry Tree is also great if you are in need of shade. Because of its potential height growth and its foliage, you can typically find this tree around park benches or any area that requires shading.