NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Ships November Through April

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Ships November Through April

November 1st Through April 15th is when most trees ship during dormancy from Tn Nursery

When it comes time to place your order for this year’s landscape and garden, there are considerations to keep in mind. You want your garden to remain a balance of continual color from early spring until fall frost. To ensure this array, the best gardening design incorporates a combination of perennials, annuals, bulbs, and shrubbery.

Each plant is internally fixed to bloom at a particular time during the growing season in your zone. So, consider incorporating plants from each ever-increasing period to ensure the garden is always in bloom. Planting periods for these full-season varieties also must be coordinated to optimize the effect and health of the plant.

November 1st Through April 15th is the season for most shrubs to ship

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery will provide the perfect plants for the region that you live. At our nursery, you will choose from the choicest collection of our hand-picked varieties for your planting zone. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery ships door to door directly to you. Our nursery also ships both seasonally and year-round, to assure the plant arrives at the optimal time to plant.
Seasonal Shipping
Some plants, especially bulbs, dictate the optimal planting period for its annual bloom. The optimal planting date is defined by the anticipated bloom period and your zone area. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery times its shipments for these time-specific plants, so they arrive at your door, at the optimal time to plant, conditional on the variable climate in your area.

November 1st Through April 15th is the busiest plant shipping season

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery receives your order. When the crop is harvested, our professional staff personally hand-select the most beautiful bulbs and plants available for your order. Then, our nursery packs and ships your completed order based on the optimal time for planting in your zone region.
Year-Round Shipping
Most annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees can be planted throughout the year. Accordingly, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery continues to ship viable plants throughout the growing season for your convenience.

Don’t forget our Plant Finder tool at %%GLOBAL_ShopPathSSL%%/shipping-season/. Our system will reveal the best bulb, plant, shrub, and tree for your hardiness zone to ensure that, when your plants arrive, they will thrive in their new environment.

The specific plants you order, and the weather condition in your zone may affect when your order ships. Contact us at %%GLOBAL_ShopPathSSL%%/shipping-season/

Most Tree Available to ship from Purchase from Tn Nursery November through April with Quick Shipping and Affordable Rates