Donate A Tree

Donate A Tree

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Help Restore The Wilderness Of North America's Barren Lands

$1 does not seem like much but it's a real big deal but it's a very big deal due to trees providing us with fresh oxygen, cutting down on smog and air pollution not to mention their many benefits in controlling high wind speeds and cooling temperatures in the heat of summer. Jim Garron, a local forester says "the wildlife are running out of places to run". With timber cutting going on in un-measureable amounts and fire ant, bag worms and Japanese beetles, no area in our country will have in woods in 25 years. Help us plant a tree. This amount will help us grow the trees and have them plants "at cost". Help us help our nation by donating $1-$10,000 to restore America. We have showcased some images to let you see how the elements and natural disasters like wildfires, timber harvesting, fire ants, construction and Japanese beetles had destroyed our country. 1 tree at a time doesn't sound like much but if we could all ban together we could make a difference.

Image result for tree planting   Image result for japanese beetle tree destruction


Japanese Beetles Killing Trees

Image result for japanese beetle tree destruction

 Dead Trees over 40 years old getting destroyed 

Image result for bagworm tree destruction

Bag Worms Kills All Types Of Evergreen Trees In Cities and Forests

Image result for timber tree destruction

Logging Is Destroying Our Wildlife, Forests & Life

Image result for timber tree destruction


Image result for wildfire tree destruction


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