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Docks Make a Great Focal Point

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 03 , 2016

Saturday, August 6

Creating a focal point with your dock

Docks are a family favorite when it comes to lakes, ponds, and even creeks because it allows for families to spend some quality time together.

Around lakes especially you will see so many docks with chairs, hammocks, and swings placed on the edge of the dock because with the look of many docks you can feel like you are resting quietly and peacefully on top of the water.

HD wallpaper: brown wooden dock, water, flowers, Japan, garden, bridges,  tree | Wallpaper Flare

Docks come in all different sizes, widths, and lengths depending on how far you want it to go out into the water and what all you want to place on it. With docks a lot of homeowner’s want them to be extra wide so that they have room not only to get on and off their boat but also a place where they can have a slide into the water, a hammock to take those relaxing naps, chairs where they can sit on a warm summer’s evening and just enjoy the evening and time together with family and friends.

Docks can be accented with many different types of water plants such as cattails, water lilies or umbrella plants to make it a great focal point. Docks can be a great centerpiece and focal point for your backyard!

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