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Latin Name-Panicum clandestinum Hardy Zone- 1-9 Mature Height-1½-2ft Width-12-25mm Sun Or Shade-Full Sun
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Deer Tongue Grass - Panicum clandestinum

Deer Tongue grass is a lovely annual grass that can thrive in many conditions. It is a light to yellowish green, with branched leaves that roll within the stem and a dual seeding phase. These seed pods can make an attractive addition to any multi-season garden, and they allow for this grass to reseed itself every year. It grows from two to four feet in height, with the seed pods rising above the top of the leaves. It has a prostrate growth habit, meaning it likes to lie down, but the seed structures shoot up several feet.The dual germination of this plant also doubly ensures that it will reseed itself. It requires little maintenance. Watering in dry spells is recommended for maximum growth. Some mowing or trimming may be necessary to hold it back from other features.One particular use for this grass is remediation of harsh soils, particularly those high in acid or aluminum. It has been used in acid mining sites, as well as other industrial brownfield locations. The grass is also famous for bird habitat. With two seeding cycles, it provides a double boost of food for wildlife, as well as thick, tall cover for nesting and avoiding predators. Many conservationists are using it in both wetland and prairie restoration, as it is native to the entire eastern half of North America. Deer Tongue grass also grows well in wet, sandy soils, so it is popular along riverbeds and in swamps. It has a very fibrous root system, so it can be used as a retention plant, holding back even the sandiest of soils from erosion. Again, these plants also provide excellent wildlife habitat in those areas.




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