Deer Resistant

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Deer Resistant plants are helpful for keeping deer out of your garden

Privet Hedges
Create a privacy hedge from privet shrubs, and you also have a deer-proof "fence." Hardy in Zones 3-7, privet hedges are fast growing, filling in quickly. Left untrimmed, they grow up to 12 feet in height, depending on the variety. They prefer full sun or partial shade, thriving in a variety of soil conditions. Privets have glossy green leaves and host white flowers in spring.

Deer Resistant plants can be shrubs or trees

Pine Trees
Fast-growing, beautiful evergreen pines are an asset to any landscape. Fragrant, and famous as a windbreak, pine trees can be planted as a privacy screen or border, and the flavor and texture of pine needles cause deer to dislike eating them. All varieties have green needles and produce cones. Most tolerate partial shade, but enjoy full sun, and grow best in Zones 4-9. Pines are long-lived and come in a broad range of heights with the tallest variety reaching up to 150 feet.

Deer Resistant plants are often stunningly beautiful plants

Magnolia Trees
Known for their glossy leaves, fragrant flowers, and elegant beauty, magnolia trees thrive in Zones 7-9. Depending on the variety, they may grow to a height of 50 feet. Magnolias prefer rich, acidic soil but tolerate most soil conditions. Fast growing, and deer resistant, they enjoy full sun to partial shade.

Cypress Trees
Fast-growing cypress trees with their feathery texture are useful as accent plants or can be used as a living privacy barrier. These slender evergreen beauties tolerate a wide variety of soil conditions and prefer full sun. Cypress trees are hardy in Zones 5-10, and some types can reach a mature height of 60-70 feet.

Cedar Trees
These fragrant evergreens grow fast and are useful as specimen plants, windbreaks, and privacy screens. The tallest variety can reach a height of 130 feet. Cedar trees are low-maintenance and look best left untrimmed. Thriving in Zones 5-8, cedars tolerate most types of well-drained soil.