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Decorating With Stepping Stones

Decorating With Stepping Stones

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jun 14 , 2014

There are many ways to decorate a yard

Stepping stones are a great touch to add to garden and natural area. 

They are amazing and can be easily made and created by single homeowners and is also an excellent idea for a family garden area. They can be made by forming a shape and filling with concrete. They can be decorated using glass marbles, glass shapes, and they can also paint different colors and can also paint with specific designs on them. 

Objects can be set into the concrete while it is still wet, and they will stay and will look beautiful once the cement dries. Another great thing to add is pieces of old plates that are broken. Stepping stones can also be made from a wood material, and beautiful scenes or designs built into them. A clear coat of polyurethane can be added to protect the covered area. The imagination can be let go when it comes to making stones and items for the garden.

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