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Decorating With Pine cones

Decorating With Pine cones

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 26 , 2016

Anybody that has a big imagination can decorate a large number of things from pinecones. 

To start out and just name a few you can make wreaths, pin cushions, ornaments, scented pinecones, and birdfeeders. 

The wreath all you need is a few craft materials such as spray paint, beads, glue, foam rings, and other things like acorns and dry berries. Just these few things can be arranged on any backdrop like a foam ring or a piece of paper. Then you can arrange them to be in a pattern or just to make it look pretty. The scented pinecones can be used on the wreaths as well then you will have a smell in your house other than pinecones from the outside just make sure and soak them in water with any scent of your liking. Then proceed to make the wreath. You can make ornaments for your trees or for just something to hang from the door handle. Just use hot glue and any crafty material you wish to put on the pine cone. Then get an adult to help you glue the items on the pinecone. Parents use the glue gun but let the kids pick out what they want to put on the pinecone and where they wish to place it. These are just a few of the different ways people put more of nature into their homes. This also works as a great potpourri. To make potpourri, you just need to let the pine cones soak in a bucket of water with a fragrance mixed with the water.

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