NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

You can do some beautiful decorating with the Blue Phlox plant.

This plant is a wonderful groundcover for those bare areas where nothing will grow.

It will be lovely planted in a flower garden to cover the bare spots and also in a rock garden to give it a natural look. A plant nursery is a great place to purchase these plants, and you will get them at the best prices around. You may need several of these plants depending on the area that you want to decorate and bring that burst of life and color too. These plants would also look great planted in old wheelbarrows and old barrels. An old barrel turned on its side and having Blue Phlox growing out of it is just beautiful and would add that special touch to any flower garden. Another great idea is to use all of your old flower pots that are just laying around. You can plant this Blue Phlox in them, and they will run like water running over the rim of the flower pots. You may also want to use this plant on a bank that is rather bare. When you add the Blue Phlox, it will bring life and brilliance to the bank and will be beautiful when this plant produces its tiny blue flowers. You will enjoy these plants all through the summer.

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