NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Sunday, April 10

As per the taxonomy of daffodil bulbs, they belong to the genus Narcissus.

These plants are primarily grown for their unique flowers that can beautify any landscape.

The flowers are full of cheer and fragrance and bloom in early spring. They are considered to be the harbingers of pleasant weather in areas with colder climbs. They are considered among the most recognizable flowers all over the world. The flowers come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, including miniatures. Some are shaped like cups instead of the usual trumpets, while the foliage is shaped like a sword. You can procure these bulbs at excellent and striking prices from any renowned wholesale plant nursery online.

Daffodils thrive in sunny conditions, and the soil should be a little acidic and sufficiently drained. The good part of these plants is that their requirement for full sun is not so hard to meet, as is the case with several other plants. These flowers bloom in spring, which means you can grow them under deciduous trees. So the plants can obtain sufficient sunshine during spring when the tree leaves are missing but slowly returning to salvation. It is not good to plant daffodil bulbs underneath evergreen trees to prevent them from attaining their necessary sun exposure for the flowers during the spring.

While growing this plant in your garden, you need to remember that they spread over a period and eventually become over-crowded, resulting in a decline of flowering. You can resolve that situation if you dig the bulbs for storage when their leaves become brown and re-plant them in the beds in the fall. The second option available to you is to divide the daffodil bulbs during the fall season every five years. Almost any fantastic online plant nursery can supply you with these plants sufficiently for your landscape. Once this is completed, the ball will rest on your side of the court.

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