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Creeping Myrtle

Creeping Myrtle is a beautiful addition to any home. The Creeping Myrtle gets its name from its fast growth as a running vine. It appears to creep across the ground day by day. This plant is a rapid growth evergreen runner. Primarily a ground cover plant, this species seems to move across an area at an ever-expanding pace. It produces star-like floral blooms of approximately 1-inch width. These flowers are blue and bloom for only one month in the spring. Notable for its capacity to take root anywhere that a stem touches ground, this plant continues to grow until the season ends. If it is cut back to four inches in early spring new growth will be rapidly stimulated. Typically this plant grows from 4 - 8 inches, but many variations can grow from 6 -12 inches in height. This vining plant is popular for ground cover since it propagates quickly and is usually drought-tolerant and deer-resistant. It is also planted a lot around trees and shady flower beds. Even after it has finished blooming for the year, it stays a lovely green for year-round coverage.

Creeping Myrtle is an evergreen perennial.

Creeping myrtle is an evergreen perennial that spreads from shallow nodes in the ground. In the spring, this plant is one of the first vines to bloom. The creeping myrtle has a profusion of small, periwinkle flowers that come in various shades of purple or white. Rabbits usually avoid eating its blossoms. Creeping myrtle is also perfect for hillsides to add beauty and to discourage erosion. Creeping Myrtle is a plant that takes up a lot of room. It is ideal for areas that have open spaces. This is a plant that is great for yards where other flowers won’t grow. Fast growing, this plant will take root and spread over the area in no time. It has a lavender flower that contrasts well with the dark green leaves.

Creeping Myrtle blooms in the spring and summer.

The flower blooms in the spring and summer, making it an excellent plant to blend with daisies and daffodils. There is little care involved with this plant. Only water it every few days, and make sure you keep the undergrowth cut out so that it looks healthy.

Scientific Name: Vinca Minor

USDA Climate Zone: 4 - 9

Tree Height: 6 - 12 inch

Canopy Spread: Running flowering vine, continuous fast growth

Soil Type: Prefers dry to medium soil

Sun: Prefers Full Sun to Partial Shade