NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Preparing for a beautiful garden can take a lot of work at first, especially if it is a brand new garden that is being created.

It is deciding how big and what shape the garden will be. It can be marked off using a garden hose and can be done using small sticks and string.

The next step is not a lot of fun but will help the garden area out in the long run. All of the grass in that area will need to remove. It will help with keeping grass and weeds out of the garden. A layer of newspapers can also be put down and will even need to be sprayed with water to stay in place. The ink from the papers will help keep any remaining grass under control not to take over the garden quickly.

Planting bulbs in the garden are a great idea, and they can grow when the taller ones are in the back of the garden so that they will not overpower the smaller ones. The perennial plants you can order from TN Nursery will also look fantastic and look good when they are received from this excellent online plant nursery. They also offer beautiful flowering perennials that will grow and bloom in partially shaded areas that work excellent for shaded garden areas. You can also add some small shrubs to the garden area to add an incredible burst of green color as they are growing. Bring color and life to a garden area, and TN Nursery will have all the solutions for picking out and ordering all the beautiful perennials and shrubs that are needed to create a lovely garden area for all homeowners. They also will give beautiful smaller trees that will produce beautiful blooms, such as the dogwood and crape myrtle that will look stunning when planted in the garden.

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