NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Lawn care can be tricky, and if a problem arises, it may be hard to diagnose and solve if you let it go on too long.

It is why making sure your lawn stays healthy by checking it every week when you do your regular lawn maintenance.

An excellent and hardy grass is the key to making it through weed infestation, pests, and disease. A standard way to get rid of a variety of issues is using pesticides.

It is an umbrella name for fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides. Each one of these will cure a multitude of problems within that group. These will take care of weeds, insects that serve no purpose, and other fungus and diseases. No worries if you are an all-natural gardener, as these items are made in organic form and synthetic. The first thing you need to do before treating any area is determining the issue and how it was caused. If you find insects that are not beneficial to your lawn and they are in a manageable number, use a pesticide. Always follow the instructions on the product and do not use these on days when it is windy. It is because the wind will carry the chemicals to unwanted areas that may cause damage. Keep these products around, and you will treat smaller areas when you are inspecting the lawn and finding a minor problem. When applying these, make sure not to do this near any body of water as it can lead to significant problems with that ecosystem and can even carry the chemicals to other areas. As a precaution, do not mess with areas treated until the area is dry. It can cause serious health problems. Remember when applying any lawn care product to ensure you have done your research and know how to use it properly without damaging nearby plants and flowers. Safety and planning are at the core of having a beautiful lawn.

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