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Common Spikerush - 25 Plants $79.99 Description

Common Spikerush 

The Common Spikerush, also called creeping spikerush, is a beautiful perennial plant with over 200 species recognized worldwide; it looks like green matchsticks that grow in a row.

The plant usually grows in wet areas. It belongs to the Sedge family Cyperaceae; It grows mainly in Europe, North America, North Africa, and Central Asia. The plants are known for their low maintenance features, requiring less care. 

The grass is self-supportive and has many incredible benefits, including making a pad for sitting, and it can be used as bedding. It forms dense stands and spreads using rhizomes.

Only rudimentary leaves usually appear as bladeless, hairless, smooth, tubular stems pressed tightly against the lower stem. The flower of this plant does not have sepals or petals and is enclosed by brown bracts.

When planting this grass, the soil should be kept saturated, and planting plugs with a spacing of about 30-45cm is the easiest way to establish it. The flower consists of one bractless spikelet at the top of each stem. Many flowers are arranged spirally at the apex of the spikelets, which are round and taped. 

Common Spikerush grows and reaches harvest time within 3-4 months

It provides a habitat to many micro and macroinvertebrates. It grows and reaches harvest time within 3-4 months. 

Also, you can use the size, tubercle, shape, variation, and color texture of the leading seed body to differentiate one species from the other. The fruit of the plant supports 6-10 bristles at its base.

The fruit is also triangular-shaped, crowned by the enlarged base style, having one achene seed. The seed is egg-shaped, smooth, and bright golden yellow, having an arrow-shaped tubercle at the tip. The fruit does not open to release seed after ripening. 

The fruit has high protein content, which provides nutritious food for animals such as geese, ducks, muskrats, nutria, and many more. And also provide a nesting cover for waterfowls. It has a hardened, nut-like appearance. The plant protects against erosion, can spread aggressively in favorable conditions, and does not pose any environmental concern. 

This plant is popularly known in wetlands except for Florida and Georgia due to other spikerush species. It is an essential component of every wetland.

It has one stem arranged in small clusters, which continue to grow to protect the seed head from the water that rises above it. The stem can also reach up to 4ft tall in a water depth environment.

Many people find the grass calming and soothing due to its greenish coloration, indicating nature, health, and growth. Grow one today and add essence to your living environment. 

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Reviews (2)

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    Common Spikerush

    Posted by Jenny Sparrow on Aug 23, 2019

    This looks great planted with the wildflowers.

  • 5
    Common Spikerush

    Posted by Toni Masterson on Aug 22, 2019

    this looks great planted with the wildflowers


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