Colorado Blue Spruce-Package of 50 Seeds

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Colorado Blue Spruce Seeds 

Colorado Blue Spruce 

The glorious Colorado blue spruce or Picea pungens is native to the Rocky Mountains and the southwest. Besides its aromatic, blue-green needles, gardeners prize it for the natural pyramidal shape it develops when the tree is mature. Indeed, it is often used as a Christmas tree. Because it's an evergreen tree, its beautiful blue-green needles persist all year. The Colorado blue spruce can live as long as 200 years if it's well cared for.


 Hardy Zones Where They Grow

 As tough as it is beautiful, the Colorado blue spruce grows from hardiness zones 2 to 8. This means it can thrive in average extreme low temperatures from - 50 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Some botanists claim it can even thrive in hardiness zone 1, where the absolute lowest temperature is - 60 degrees F. 


 Mature Height 

 When grown, the tree can reach heights of 115 feet and have a trunk circumference of 8 feet, even though it's usually smaller in a garden. Its bark is scaly and grayish brown, and its young shoots are stiff and glabrous, blue-green at first, then orange later. The needles give the tree its epithet of acid, for they are thick, sharp, and curved. They give off a pleasant smell when they're rubbed between the fingers. The needles grow singly from the stem and are about 1 to 1 1/2 inches long. 


 Mature Width

 The mature width of the tree is 10 to 20 feet, and since its habit is pyramidal, it's often more extensive at the bottom. 


 Soil Recommendations

 The Colorado spruce doesn't mind growing in wet soil or even in marshy ground. It adapts well to all types of land, whether clayey, loamy, acidic, well-drained or sandy. Still, the pH of the land should be between 6.9 and 7.5. The tree is a little drought-resistant but shouldn't be allowed to dry out.


 The tree can tolerate deer, rabbits, and air pollution. Groups of Colorado blue spruce are often planted as windbreaks because the tree can stand up to strong wind thanks to its extensive and in-depth root system.


 The Colorado spruce can't be said to flower but has tiny male and female strobiles. Eventually, the females produce cylindrical cones that are greenish-red when they're young and turn brown as they mature. They can be up to 4 inches long, and their scales are flexible. The cones are mostly found at the top of the tree and hang down beautifully.


 The seeds can be germinated if placed in a seed-starting medium and placed in a sunny window or greenhouse. Keep the medium moist but not wet. The seedling is ready to transplant when it's about six inches tall.


 Picea pungens is easy to grow and doesn't need too much maintenance once it's established. It's best grown in an area where it can get at least six hours of full sun every day. It only needs to be fed in the spring with a 10-10-10 slow-release fertilizer. 


 The Colorado blue spruce is an excellent choice for gardeners who wish to attract birds for seed-loving birds such as nuthatches, crossbills, and grosbeaks to find food in the cones and shelter in the branches. 


Colorado Blue Spruce Seeds For Sale at TN Nursery