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NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Friday, August 26

Color scheme and look for your garden

Gardening is an art that can be mastered by any enthusiast with time. It is all about experimenting and putting your ideas into practice. Greenery, indeed, is refreshing and soothing to the eyes but all greens with no bright and lively colors can make your garden look lifeless and ordinary. You would not want to walk into a garden which is cluttered with all greens.

The best way to make your garden organized and appealing is by chalking out a plan before planting anything. You can decide rows, flowerbeds and lanes for hedges. A well planned design will turn out into a beautiful garden. Choosing contrast color combinations and harmonious textures can result is an attractive and colorful garden. However, planting all bright colored plants together can ruin the entire look so you can choose different colors that go well together or for that matter same color with different intensities. Violets look great with pink hues so you can plant lilacs with pink colored flowers. Similarly, you can team up dark green foliage with pastel or pale green textured leaves. You can also play with the color of walls near flowerbeds. They can be adorned with colorful and contrasting tiles or mosaics that make the flowers and foliage of garden stand out drastically.

Factors you should consider

It is also important to know that there are several factors that can alter the effect and intensity of different colors. The lighting, texture of surface and season can impact the overall color effect. Dull lighting makes the color looks paler and bright light makes it stand out. Similarly, nature and changing season can give different hues to the color of your plants. The key is to keep trying out and putting compatible colors together to make the garden look picturesque. So, try out new things and pair up different colors to get the desired effect in your garden!

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