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Wisteria Tree

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Wisteria Tree



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Wisteria: A deciduous flowering tree with a distinctly floral aroma, wisteria plants can grow as high as ten to twenty feet with sturdy support. Wisteria sinensis is an Asian native species, frequently found growing naturally in the woods and natural areas throughout the United States.

You can plant wisteria in either full sunshine or partially sunny conditions, with organics like hardwood mulch, peat moss, or shredded leaves added to loose soil. This vine is rugged: drought-tolerant and cold-tolerant. Care is minimal, including trimming to guide the growth or to remove frost damage.

Although some people describe wisteria flowers as purple, TN Nursery explains to customers that they are usually closer to blue with a slight tinge of purple.

Where to Plant Wisteria Plants

Wisteria is a prolific bloomer in the last weeks of spring. It might take two seasons or so for you to see them on full display, but these abundant, lush flowers are well worth the wait!

Wisteria will grow to form clusters or thickets, creating dense foliage after blossoming. Here are three ways you can use this hardy plant:

  • Create a privacy hedge: If you have close neighbors, install a tall support structure and plant wisteria to protect your privacy.
  • Barrier hedge: Do you have pedestrians use your yard as a cut-through? Wisteria will grow into a thick barrier hedge.
  • Cover an old, unsightly building: A wisteria plant can quickly cover an unattractive barn or shed--make it a charming, rustic focal point instead of a tear-down project.

Wisteria prefers full sun or partial sunshine; it will tolerate shade, although you will not get profuse blossoms.

The Graceful and Elegant Look of Wisteria

The brown stem of wisteria will form into lovely, twisted shapes as they wanter into a vine. You can "train" it to grow straighter with some time and patience.

Wisteria leaves are green and elliptical, growing in an alternative pattern. They are compound and grow in clusters of about seven to fifteen leaflets. Leaves are approximately six inches long.

The flowers of the wisteria will stop you in their tracks with beauty. Tiny pea-shaped blue-violet flowers emerge in enormous, gracefully drooping clusters. They appear almost like delicate bunches of grapes. The scent is heavenly!

Order Wisteria From TN Nursery Today

Are you ready for a lovely vine that produces lush flowers and dense foliage? TN Nursery suggests you try wisteria--order yours today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jay Wiederholt
No tree

I have not received my tree yet. Why not?
I now feel that I will receive a dead tree...

james shonk
Better Than Expected

I ordered my Wisteria trees to be delivered in March, unbeknown to me, it was just before a freeze snap, with some ingenuity, I had a solution. I planted my 2 Wisteria trees in a 5 gallon bucket and placed it in my sunroom, near the heater/ac unit. Within 6 days, I had little buds popping out, now I have small limbs growing. Now, I have to wait on warmer weather so I can get these in the ground. Of sll the plants, trees, and shrubbery that I have purchased over the years, I have never had any of them pop some buds so early while planted in a 5 gallon bucket inside. I am most happy, as I have been trying to get these ordered for over 5 years and always missed the sell out date, I was prepared this year.

jim davis

got a bare root tree and potted it (will be training as a bonsai). this week it started sprouting leaves and is extremely healthy and vigorous. getting another today

James Davis

Will see what happens in the spring but, received what appears to be a healthy bare root plant.

Ernest Brierre
Unable to rate the tree

I have received it on time therefore I am giving it a 5.
I appears to be dorma t still.
I will know how it's doing in a few more weeks I suppose.
I love it in the picture.
Hope to see it grow and bloom