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Jewelweed Plant

Jewelweed, also known as spotted touch-me-not or Impatiens capensis, is a plant native to North America. It is a member of the impatiens family.

Jewelweed is often found in wetlands and damp areas and prefers to grow in partial to full shade. The plant has thin, translucent stems and oval-shaped leaves with serrated edges. Its flowers are orange or yellow and shaped like a trumpet.

Jewelweed is also an important food source for hummingbirds and other wildlife.

Jewelweed Plant: Impatiens capensis, or jewelweed plant, is a lovely woodland species you might know by other common names. Some other monikers include these:

  • Orange jewelweed
  • Common jewelweed
  • Orange balsam
  • Spotted touch-me-not
  • Touch-me-not

Each term refers to the jewelweed plant regardless of what you call it.

Jewelweed Plant Thrives In Shady Conditions

The jewelweed plant is hardy and will flourish in challenging conditions. An unabashed woodland grower, it thrives from the Canadian border and in every growing zone in the United States except the hottest.

The jewelweed plant grows in its natural forested environment in sun-dappled meadows, clearings, creekbeds, and under a woodsy canopy. It likewise thrives in either shade or partially-shaded conditions in your landscape.

It likes moisture but does not want to keep its feet wet and needs well-draining soil with woody organic matter.

If you create those growing conditions, the jewelweed plant will need little else from you except perhaps a little autumn mulch in the coolest climates.

The Magnificent Beauty of the Jewelweed Plant

The plant generally grows to around three feet high and three feet wide.

The self-pollinating, self-seeding jewelweed plant has bright green stems and matching leaves. The leaves are a modified triangle shape with gently toothed edges. Although not technically a ground cover plant, the jewelweed can form into dense stands over several years.

The flowers dangle from thin, sturdy leaf axles, creating a graceful appearance. The flower petals are a refreshing orange pop that starkly contrasts against the green backdrop. Each flower has four to five petals that form in a slight trumpet shape that hummingbirds cannot resist.

Jewelweed plants bloom from early summer until the first fall frost.

Jewelweed Plant is available at TN Nursery today.

The jewelweed plant is a must-have if you want to add a delicious slice of orange to a shade garden. Order your jewelweed from TN Nursery today.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Tanner
Spotted Touch Me Not

Great friendly service. Nicely packaged and quick shipping. and all my flowers did great

Sara Jennings
Spotted Touch Me Not

This looks great around my front porch

Brenda Hoffsteader
Spotted Touch Me Not

The blooms on this plant are very unique and beautiful. Looks great in my gardens!

Edna Walls
Spotted Touch Me Not

These are gorgeous. Just love the colors. Lots of compliements.

Bobbie Rosen
Spotted Touch Me Not

These are just gorgeous.