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Dwarf Crested Iris

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Dwarf Crested Iris



Now May


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 Iris Cristata Discover a rare and remarkable flower!

The Dwarf Crested Iris is a rare species of iris that's both beautiful and unique. It has large, flat flowers that come in many different colors and are renowned for their elegance and beauty. The Dwarf Crested Iris is a highly sought-after flower due to its rarity and striking appearance.

 Make your garden stand out with this beautiful flower. The Dwarf Crested Iris will add color, texture, and character to any outdoor space. Its captivating form will draw the attention of passersby and provide you with a unique talking point. Plus, you'll be helping to protect this unique species by planting it in your garden!

 Bring the beauty of the Dwarf Crested Iris into your garden today!

 Iris cristata, a TN Nursery customer favorite, is a breathtaking, low-growing perennial. This mixed-shade plant can transform a drab spot in your yard into a place full of lush greenery. 

 Iris cristata is a North American native species commonly found in the mountains and hills of the east coast--rocky outcroppings, woody slopes, and near streams or creeks. Despite its beauty, it's an unfussy plant that will grow in almost any filtered shady spot.

 Some gardeners would instead call Iris cristata by its common name: crested iris. Lady's calamus, or dwarf crested iris.

Typical Uses for Iris cristata

Iris cristata is drought-tolerant and deer-resistant. Its woodlands origins mean it has an affinity for loose soil, is rich in woody organic matter, and has good drainage. However, it's also not unusual to see it growing on rocks in the woods. It is an adaptable species.

Routine care is minimal. You'll give it water during dry spells, twice annual fertilizing, and weed control. That is all you must do to make the crested iris happy. The plant spreads by a vigorous underground root system, so some people even use it as a ground cover plant. 

The main thing to remember is to find partial shade. Some typical uses for the crested iris include these: 

  • Shade garden
  • Pollinator garden
  • Water garden
  • Rock garden
  • Container garden 

Gardeners Prize the Iris cristata for the Rich Jewel Tones 

Iris cristata displays rich jewel tones--emerald green and purple amethyst. The dramatic, luxurious color combination makes it highly revered by TN Nursery customers. 

The long, lance-shaped emerald leaves reach six inches long and gently under their weight arch at the ends. 

The blossoms have six petals--three upper petals that point slightly up in the center and three jewel-toned lower petals with a pleasant droop. The flowers feature a white patch with a tiny yellow crest. 

Order Your Iris cristata From TN Nursery Today 

If you want a colorful flower to enliven a partially shaded part of your garden, please consider Iris cristata. Order your crested iris from TN Nursery today. 

Customer Reviews

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Bradley Middleton
Isis crostata plant

Finally received my 5 iris crostata plants they had inadvertently forgotten with my original order but were fast in getting them to me so thank you for your prompt attention to this mistake arrived in great shape thanks again looking forward to seeing them bloom this spring

They grow fast!

I love mine they have done so good near my koi pond.

Mika Thomas

I bought 50 of these I’m planning on ordering more they Bloomed right away.

Walter H
Dwarf Crested Iris Plant

Arrived in good shape, planted as instructed, they won’t bloom until next spring since I had to plant them before fall and keep them alive till then.

Elizabeth Bonnet
Can't wait till these come to bloom...planted along my rock garden stones!

Am happy with everything I purchased at TN Nursery