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Wild Blackberry

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Wild Blackberry



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Wild Blackberry Bush

Wild Blackberry Bush: TN Nursery presents the wild blackberry bush, a North American native species particularly abundant in the United States. The wild blackberry bush is an easy-to-grow, low-maintenance plant that is multi-functional.

Not only does it bear sinfully sweet and juicy berries, but it also makes a lovely ornamental. The five-petaled white flowers grow in beautiful clusters sometime between late spring and early summer and then bear those famously delicious berries in the later part of the summertime.

Some gardeners choose the wild blackberry bush to take advantage of its spread, not for the fruit. Each plant can grow as much as five feet across and tall. They grow in brambles or thickets and can liven up an area of the yard that may otherwise go underutilized.

How to Grow the Wild Blackberry B

When you plant your wild blackberry bush, remember the five-foot spread. Allow them some elbow room for future growth. Although the bare root you receive from TN Nursery might look small now, it will mature in just a few growing seasons.

The wild blackberry shrub is intriguing because its root is perennial, but its foliage is biennial. That means the canes grow, bear fruit, then die back; however, fresh canes will emerge to replace the dead ones. Annual pruning, either at the end of the season or early spring before flowers develop, will keep a wild blackberry bush in good health.

They prefer soil that drains well, and you should plan to fertilize them once yearly during late spring.

Because the wild blackberry bush is a native species, it is drought-tolerant. It prefers about an inch of water per week, mainly as it produces blossoms and berries. However, it is resilient and can tolerate short dry spells.

Order Your Wild Blackberry Bush From TN Nursery

Are you yearning to try your hand at making delicious wild blackberry pies? Order your wild blackberry bush from TN nursery today.

Customer Reviews

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graham montgomery
So far so good

Will not know until the leaf out. You have my first name wrong.

Greg, thank you so much for taking the time to review us.

Carol Heimbach
Wild Blackberry

These 3 arrived on time and looked very healthy. Planted them in a nice sunny protected spot.

Dear Carol, thank you so much for taking the time to leave an excellent rating. We really appreciate your business. Please let us know what we can do for you in the future.

Mark Cerny

The plants arrived. The box they were shipped in was damaged. Looked like someone might have sat in it. The plants had slid down to the bottom of the box and apperded to be in good shape. I planted them the next day.
Thank you,

Tabatha Wargel
Wild blackberry bush

These came in very well packaged. After I planted them, I noticed it said wild blueberry bushes. I also purchased rabbiteye blueberry bushes so I assume they just wrote wrong on the tag. Planted them and will see how they do this spring. Live in southern Indiana.